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Best wishes pour in for Carrie Fisher after medical emergency Tributes and well-wishes poured in for Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who was spending Christmas in intensive care at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a medical emergency on a flight Friday evening. Todd Fisher, the actress brother, said his sister is receiving excellent care, but little information about her condition was known to the public. Princess Leia can survive anything! wrote one fan on Nice words Twitter. Hold on, Carrie Fisher. Were taking you into 2017 with us, wrote another. Her Star Wars Ta co-star Mark Hamill quipped, as if 2016 couldnt get any worse … and said he was sending all our love. as if 2016 couldn’t get any worse… sending all our love to @carrieffisher Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) December 23, 2016 Fans on Twitter fervently hoped she would pull through. One wrote: Carrie Fisher survived alcoholism, addiction, depression, bipolar disorder & 60 years in Hollywood. If Thanking You anyone can survive 2016, its her. Another put it bluntly: DONT YOU … you could try these outDARE TOUCH CARRIE FISHER, 2016. The actress former co-star Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, said he was sending prayers,and called her everyones favorite princess right now. On this Christmas Eve join me in sending prayers & light to our Princess.

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